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So it’s getting to the end of the year, and it’s that time again. The Ourzone Magazine Readers Poll is open, and now the 2011 Rock Sound Readers’ Poll is open too! Rock Sound have been good to Don Broco this year, so let’s show them that we’re grateful!

(P.S. If you vote you can win some siiiiick prizes – like Download tickets!)

Here’s how you vote for the Broco:

  • BEST ALBUM OF 2011? (artist and album title): Don Broco – Big Fat Smile
  • BEST BRITISH BAND? Don Broco (duh)
  • BEST BAND-WHO-USED-TO-BE-SHIT-BUT-ARE-NOW-GOOD? Don Broco? (If you’re that way inclined…)
  • BEST LIVE BAND? Don Broco (bit obvious innit?)
  • BEST VIDEO? Don Broco – Beautiful Morning/We’re On Holiday (only two released in 2011 so only two that count!)
  • BEST SINGLE? Don Broco – Dreamboy (Deluxe Edition)
  • BEST TWEETER? @DonBroco / @FYeahDonBroco (if you’re feeling nice <3)
  • EYE CANDY OF THE YEAR (MALE)? Bobby Damage? Simon Delaney? Luke Rayner? Matt Donnelly? Take your pick…
  • DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE YEAR? Don Broco not playing Reading/Leeds mainstage?
  • BEST VENUE? Any from the Big Fat Tour/May tour 😉
Click the image to fill in all these bits:
And that’s it. Pop in your details and you may win prizes. Simple!

Broco fans (Brocans?) it’s time to get together and vote. The Ourzone Readers Poll 2011 is open, and we need to vote for the DON BROCO. We thought we’d give you a little help and outline the categories which you can vote for them for:

  • Best British Act: Obviously….Don Broco.
  • Best British Newcomer: Don Broco…maybe…worth a try.
  • Best Album: Don Broco – Big Fat Smile
  • Best Album Artwork: Big Fat Smile, yeah? It makes you smile and it’s a smile, how clever?!
  • Best Live Band (NOT Worst Live Band…unless that’s how you roll. If that is, why are you reading this?)
  • Greatest Thing About 2011: Don Broco’s many tours?/Bobby Damage? – let’s vote Bobby Damage!
  • Who Will Own 2012: Don Broco….duh. Big things…BIG things.
So go ahead and click the button below and vote…and let’s make Don Broco champions! GO!