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Ourzone Magazine are giving three lucky readers the chance to win a signed copy of ‘Big Fat Smile’ (Deluxe Edition).

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You have until March 7th 2012 to enter. Please note this competition is being run by Ourzone Magazine and NOT F Yeah Don Broco.

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Audio interview with Zach Redrup from Dead Press!.

Don Broco are just one of the many new British rock hopefuls for 2011 and with them they bring a decent collection in the form of this mini-album, ‘Big Fat Smile’. Kicking off with the bold ‘Dreamboy’that drives its way through with an instantly catchy chorus, mixed with a simple yet acceptable rock sound, something that is somewhat of a trend for the Bedford four-piece throughout.

‘Metalface’ follows it on well with its radiant chorus. Whereas‘Beautiful Morning’ starts off in an intriguing fashion; floating guitar lines lead into a buoyant chorus with duel-vocals declaring “it feels like a beautiful morning” whilst the occasional “woah” makes the track stand out furthermore.

‘Top Of The World’ continues the bands feel-good, albeit slighty more rockier with Rob Damiani’s vocals at times center stage and throughly sounding confident. Most evidently its on ‘I’m Good’ where Damiani shines, as the slower tempo allows the focus, to an extent, be more on him. However the bands ability to take charge of the calm, swaying tempo and perhaps most importantly, the tracks structure makes the song as awhole well-rounded.

‘Do What We Do’ closes the EP and sees the band heading down the straight-up rock route, one which is rather loose yet feisty. It’s not the best track here, but it gives the EP a bit more variation and simultaneously Don Broco do not stray from what they know best.

Over the course of six songs, Don Broco make a good enough statement to get themselves noticed and back up any hype they’ve had. ‘Big Fat Smile’ hits all the right marks and gives the band tons of promise and potential, as their overall sound is instantly favorable and keeps you interested long enough. So much so that after a few listens you’ll have it on repeat. You may even have just what the record says – a big fat smile.


Sean Reid

Original review

Rating: 8

For those that take themselves too seriously, look away now. Don Broco are to be imbibed with a generous helping of salty scepticism, however misplaced that may be. This Bedfordshire four-piece make a good mix of Brit-rock riffs, sarcastic lyrical content and jovial pop sensibilities; and while there’s nothing musically groundbreaking here, ‘Dreamboy’ and ‘Top Of The World’ have all the appeal of an STD-ridden Hollywood hooker. You know you probably shouldn’t, but gosh it’s a ‘reet fun ride. Thoroughly rocking and quintessentially informal, Don Broco ain’t a bad punt to get your party started.

Original review