I need to tell you all something…

Here’s the thing, in my world – there’s only one thing I wanted to do. And yeah man, that thing has happened.

I’m joining Don Broco!

But hold on a second, I hear you cry – tell us the whole truth! Well here it is…

Ever since back in the day when I started this, I always said that I would end it if I was asked to join the band. That would truly be living the dream, being in the big game. Enough puns!

Now it’s becoming a reality.

Here’s what Bobby had to say:

Laurence is our true dreamboy – we had to have him join. Proper lad, geezer, legend! When we noticed our missing piece, we felt a bit thuggish and had to workout what it was – and it truly was a beautiful morning when we found it! To make sure we do what we do – being a kick-ass band – we can’t be actors, but we just needed one more member and that was him! We got our priorities straight whilst we were on holiday and gave him a ring! We wanted to have our boy from Proceed – Danny Boy – but he’s too busy being amazing at producing! Bish bash bosh, Laurence was in, sorted!

To be honest, I’m feeling on top of the world with this! Broco have been my favourite band for years and to join them is a true honour! Thank you Donny Bizzle! I’ll be celebrating by attending the next two shows – Portsmouth and Cardiff – in fancy dress! This is why F Yeah is finishing…

And if you hate this news, wat’cha gonna do? Eh, punk?!

(If you believe this, you’re an idiot. A real true, 100% idiot).