As a new feature on the site, fans are going to start reviewing some of Don Broco’s shows. Here’s the first from Don Broco’s acoustic set at the Apple Store in Glasgow:

“English band, Don Broco, did a small acoustic set in Glasgow’s Apple Stroe today, July 3rd. The turn out was exceptional, although there weren’t many people, the atmosphere was immense. There was around 30+ people at the show, and the crowd was growing as time went on, the band were drawing in people simply just passing by in the street, they ranged between small children and a few elderly women. Of course the famous pepper shaker was there also, Don Broco were extremely involved with the crowd and even came off stage at the end for pictures with fans, the set consisted of 7 songs, mainly new songs, but Priorities came last. Seeing Rob look so amazed at the crowd singing along was most definitely the best part.”

Stacey Chalmers
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