Twitter’s been awash with excitement, as has Facebook. Here is Don Broco‘s statement on what the photo above really means. Get pumped!

“Sup peeps,
As some of you have figured out (using exemplary spot-the-difference skills) the news that we have to announce is that we have a new bass player joining the ranks!
We have had some massive developments behind the scenes in recent weeks and as a result are going to have an incredibly busy and exciting year of touring and a debut album release ahead of us. Luke has decided that the upcoming schedule isn’t something he is able to commit to and would like to spend time pursuing other interests.
He will always be a huge part of team Broco and continue to be one of our best friends in the world. He’ll be involved behind the scenes and sure you’ll catch a glimpse of his cheeky grin down at a show or two.
Looking towards the future we are all really excited! 2012 is going to be BIG and sure you will all help us set the tone by making Tom (@DonDozza for you twitter users) feel welcome. 
All our love
Donny B”
There you have it – Luke has (unfortunately) left, Tom Doyle is in! Exciting, eh? Why not let the world know about this earth-shattering news using the share buttons below, and let us and the band know your thoughts in the comments below!