Welcome to F Yeah Don Broco, your #1 (and only) Don Broco fan site on the web, or as Kerrang! magazine like to call us “Don Broco’s official page“. Either way, that’s cool, we’re just happy you’re here!

Just to give you a quick low down, the menu at the top is where you’ll find anything and everything you’ll ever want/need. It’s currently missing a Music section which are being built and will be with us very very soon. All the rest is pretty self explanatory and if you have anything which you think we can add, feel free to Contact Us – we’re very friendly 🙂

In terms of Don Broco, and their live shows, they have two shows left in 2011 – Bedford Esquires this Saturday (19th November) and then Club Mutiny in Guildford the Saturday after (26th November). They then join Four Year Strong, This Time Next Year and A Loss For Words on tour early next year. After that, expect a full-length album, headline tours and general goodness and fun.

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Just to finish off I want to say something: my name’s Laurence and I run F Yeah Don Broco. I first saw the band in April 2009 and have been a fan ever since. This whole F Yeah thing began about 10 months ago and has blown up in size. I run it in my spare time, out of my own pocket. I’m not only a fan of the band, but I respect the guys as people (they are some of the nicest guys ever). The Twitter situation for this is crazy and to be in Kerrang! is even more mental!!!!! (!!!!!!) THANK YOU to everyone who’s followed us, retweeted, tweeted, #FF’d, liked, shared, commented – whatever it is – thank you. This is only the beginning – get on board…

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