Having last seen these guys in a little bar in Torquay a year or so back, it’s clear to see the Broco boys have come a long way. Playing Download’s Red Bull Stagethe Broco boys pretty much owned everyone in what was a stunning set from start to finish. With such a tight set it was almost a shame to be seeing them on such a small stage as they played with as much energy and musicianship as anyone on the larger stages. With their rapidly growing fan base though the chances of a stage upgrade for next year shouldn’t be far away.

One thing that really sells these guys as well as their music is the fact they are all genuinely nice guys and it really comes across in their set. You can tell they are really enjoying themselves as much as the crowd with even charismatic frontman Rob…. taking time to get into the crowd to join the pit while the band give it their all.

Set highlights:  ‘Thug Workout’ (any song with the line ‘sexy girls come up to me and they always come if you know what I mean’ is gonna be an instant crowd pleaser), Beautiful Morning and the epic riffage of closing track Dreamboy.

When your girlfriend names a virtual fish after one of the band you know success is only round the corner!  2011 is gonna be a big year for Don Broco and HTF are backing them all the way!

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