Don Broco

After the onslaught just witnessed, I need a break from the stage so I make my way round to the under-cover dance floor to catch some beatboxing and breakdancing that’s been wowing crowds all weekend long. With a DJ on decks and two dancers squaring off, I’m engrossed longer than expected. Realising Bedfordshire four-piece Don Broco are now starting, I make a sharp exit back towards the main stage. As I make my way there I see in the distance a gargantuan gap where the active crowd has since split into two. What I’m witnessing is the festival’s first wall of death and I’m just in time to capture the aftermath. Looking around for Rob Damiani (Don Broco’s vocal man), I finally spot him standing not where you’d expect on stage but instead in the crowd, orchestrating the impending mayhem from ground zero. Like a musical Moses, Rob instructs the crowd to smash back as one and in the funniest moment of the festival so far I witness him leaping back over the crush barrier as if the rest of his living days depend on it.

I wouldn’t necessarily associate their deep vocal melodies and mellow pop-rock hums with circle pits, gang chants and walls of wounded chaos, but that’s exactly what they get. There’s even a moment Rob invites as many people as possible to climb on board their neighbour’s shoulders. Panicked members of security strive to stop the action from unfolding which causes Rob to tell the crowd “don’t listen to them”. Naturally, for a young crowd accustomed to ignoring the orders of all joyless elders, they carry on climbing regardless. For all of its crowd disorder and clutch of catchy, danceable tracks, the standout of their set arrives with the soft, bopping sounds of ‘Beautiful Morning’. It may be the afternoon and we’re being overrun with miserable weather but this track’s confident, radiant chorus of duel-vocals declaring “it feels like a beautiful morning” couldn’t be closer to the truth. Exhilarating and a small taste of brilliance – by far the best this Sunday’s had on the menu. [7]

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